I don’t know when it started, but some time ago I started writing down my goals for biking.  I don’t think it really started as goals but more as a way of remembering ideas I had.  Many of these ideas would hit me as I was surfing Google Earth, looking for possible routes, both on road and off.  I do know that one of the goals/ideas, # 4 on the list below, precedes Google Earth by many, many years.  Essentially, the idea is to bike down Shoal Bay Road then bike ‘n’ hike to Bay Bulls via The Spout, then bike back on the old rail line that runs inland.  And funny enough, though it is probably the oldest idea on the list, I have never done it.

At some point I started writing “done” when I completed the ride and then at some point I wised up even further and started recording the date.  Here it is, completely unedited:


Cycling Goals
1. Tour Irish Loop May 24th weekend (DONE!)

2. Tour Cape St. Mary’s July 1st weekend (DONE!)

3. Irish Loop in one day

4. Mtn bike The Spout to Bay Bulls then
back to the Goulds offroad

5. Do a bikepacking trip (again) (DONE!)

6. Follow the dirt road I think leads to
Witless Bay Line

7. Bike the T’railway across NF (DONE!)

8. Ride The Great Divide Trail

9. Circumnavigate the island of NF by bike
and coastal boats (Can’t be done now)

10. Get to NS to mtn bike with Marc (DONE!)

11. Tour the Cabot Trail

12. Ride the Ronde Van Vlaanderen (Belgium)

13. Bike The Dempster Highway

14. Bike the north shore of Quebec

15. Evening mtn bike ride – bring light –
ride from supper ’til midnight – think of a good route for this.

16. Trans-Labrador highway (Probably not worth doing)

17. Irish Loop in Two days (KINDA SORTA DONE)

18. Bell Island day trip

19. Tour to Grates Cove (DONE – AND OFFROAD!)

20. Ride the Wunderstrand

21. Across south coast then back by trailway

22. To trepassey by bike and/or hike in late winter

23. The Spout in winter (DONE – March 15, 2014)

24. Get a fatbike (Ha! Wasn’t even on the list and I got it done)

25. Goulds to Fort Amherst offroad (DONE!)

26. Irish Loop offroad (Done – July, 2014)

27. Bikepack Burin Peninsula (Done – Aug 2014)

28. Bikepack Bonavista Peninsula (Done – Aug 2014)

29. Across NF in winter

30. Circumnavigate Miquelon by fatbike

31. Iceland

32. Renews to Fermuese on old track then back by Kingmans Cove Road in winter

point lance to cape st. mary’s hike


The hike from Point Lance to Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve has it all: sandy beaches, waterfalls, cliffs, whales, seals, seabirds galore, wild flowers – the list goes on. If you’ve tired of the East Coast Trail and/or are looking for a hike not many people have done than this is the one for you.

What you need to know:

– I’ve done this hike twice – once as an overnight and most recently as a day hike – both were great

– The hike is 15 km in length

– It took us 6 hours at a leisurely pace

– Driving time from St. John’s, including shuttle drop off/pick up is 3 hours each way

– You’ll need two cars if you are doing this as a point-to-point hike

– Let the staff at the reserve know your plans and don’t forget to check out with them

– The trail is not marked – stay close to the coast and you’ll figure it out

– There are a couple of sections of “faery forest” (tuckamore) that you have to pick your way through

– This area is notorious for fog which would spoil the vistas and make navigation tricky

– If you want to check conditions before you leave town call the reserve at (709) 277-1666 and/or check the highway cam in Trepassey

– If doing this as an overnighter I suggest camping in Golden Bay (about 10 km in) – there is fresh water there and a nice beach with driftwood

– Sheep are grazed in this area – if you encounter closed gates make sure they are closed again after you pass through them

Pt Lance 089DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROPt Lance 088Pt Lance 094DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO

Pt Lance 129

Looking into Golden Bay. This is an ideal spot to camp.

Pt Lance 113

Seals sunbathing on the rocks.

Pt Lance 109

Seals in the water.


This is Bird Rock


At the outlook to Bird Rock.

Pt Lance 139Pt Lance 143Pt Lance 102Pt Lance 107DCIM100GOPRO