return to point rosie

Darren and I rode to Point Rosie in 2014; later that year Guy and Ruth did it as well.


I got back to Point Rosie this year, this time with a couple of good friends, John and Nancy.  This was the first bikepacking trip for each of them. Here we are at Frenchman’s Cove Provincial Park.  We drove down the day before and spent the night here.  The park staff let us leave our vehicle in the day use parking area while we did our ride.  This also had the added bonus of access to showers before the trip home!


John crossing the bridge at the trailhead.



The town of Garnish in the background.


One of the bridges was a little bit shorter than the last time I was was here.  No problem – we just took off our shoes and waded across.


There are lots of short, steep hills to contend with.


Point Rosie, where we spent the night.  Just before entering the community there is a small stream where you can get water.


Noodling around on the beach.


On the way home.


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