global fatbike day 2014

Facebook_Global_Fat-Bike-600x222Global Fatbike Day was a rip-roaring success here in Newfoundland; not only did we have more participants than last year but we had events in two locations in the province.  The sunshine, blue skies and moderate temperature also helped to make a memorable day.

Here in St. John’s we had more than 20 people show up for a ride in Pippy Park with an after-ride social at Bitters Pub.

GFBD 2014 046

The crowd gathering for the ride in Pippy Park.


GFBD 2014 048

GFBD 2014 051

There were lots of fatbikes to drool over. Here’s a new 2015 Beargrease 2…

GFBD 2014 052

Cychotic Bike Shop provided some Norco Sasquatches for people to demo…

GFBD 2014 054

BLING! BLING! Fun ‘n’ Fast showed up with some demos as well including this full suspension Bucksaw.

GFBD 2014 058

Greg riding one of the Norco demos past The Wisdom Tree.

GFBD 2014 064

The trail conditions were ideal – firm, dry and fast. Here the pack waits to regroup.

GFBD 2014 066

A group shot up on Three Pond Barrens.

GFBD 2014 072

Chris strikes a pose on Ridgeline.

GFBD 2014 074

Mel and his Bluto equipped Mukluk. I took it out for a spin and the suspension fork is impressive.

GFBD 2014 077

Fatbikes just make people smile. Robin on Ridgeline.

GFBD 2014 078

Darren sporting his finest t-shirt at the social. And yes, the shirt matches the frame.

GFBD 2014 083

Ross, Julie, Robin and Ray at the social.

Many thanks to:

Cychotic for providing demo bikes;

Fun ‘n’ Fast for demo bikes and food at the social;

Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador for food at the social;

Canary Cycles for promoting the event on their website; and,

Bitters Pub for allowing us to put some bikes on display.

I personally want to thank Ray Gosine for doing all the heavy lifting to make this year’s event so successful.


Central Newfoundland

Gander held its first ever Global Fatbike Day celebration.  Paul and Derick rode 50 km in 3 hours.

IMG_20141206_105943858IMG_20141206_110938055IMG_20141206_115514221_HDRIMG_20141206_121411795_HDRThanks to Paul for providing the pictures.

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