The Great Meltdown of 2014

No, I am not referring to the hissy fit I threw when I heard “America’s Next Top Model” was being cancelled; I’m talking about the weather (again).

One week ago I was doing this:


Note the big, shit-eating grin. (A Darren McD photo)

Today it was this:

RR 002

Note the lack of a shit-eating grin. Also note the lack of snow. The two are related.

What happen?  The Great Meltdown of 2014, that’s what happened.  Last Sunday, the day after the Witless Bay Line Loop ride, the temperature hit a high of 11C. Then Tuesday it went to 7C, quickly followed by Wednesday (11C), Thursday (10C) and Friday (12C).  With those warm temperatures came a lot of rain and the snow didn’t stand a chance.

Snow pack

Check out the change in our snow pack – we went from a metre of snow on the ground to nothing. (Graphic from some CBC website. Used without permission. Sue me – I’ve got nothing to live for now.)

RR 003

While out riding today the only snow to be seen was in the ditch.

RR 008

This is Shoal Bay Road, a trail that was well packed down by snowmobiles and ATV’s. What snow remains is hanging on for dear life.


Conditions were reported to be good near Cape Spear – mostly bare trail. L-R are Dean, Loyal, Marc and Darren. (Marc K photo)


I know there are some local riders who only just got their fatbikes that are wringing their hands and fretting about their purchase.  To them I make these three points:

1) There is still plenty of winter left.  Good conditions will return.

2) Your fatbike can be used all year round.  Think gravel grinds, bikepacking, backcountry exploring, beaches, et cetera.

3) Consider your fatbike a long-term investment.  You will be riding that bike for many, many winters to come.


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