a bit about our weather

Environment Canada just published their results of a survey of the weather in the 100 largest cities in Canada over the past 30 years.  They looked at 75 different categories (e.g.  warmest summer, coldest winter, snowiest city, et cetera).  Those of us who live here are well aware of how extreme and variable our weather can be but those of you “from away” might need to be educated a bit.  Here are the categories in which St. John’s, NL , made it into the Top 10:

Foggiest city (days) – 1st

Windiest city year-round – 1st

Windiest winter – 1st

Windiest summer – 1st

Most windy days (40 km/h or more) – 1st

Most hours with low visibility – 1st

Cloudiest skies year-round – 2nd

Most freezing rain days – 2nd

Most wet days – 3rd

Fewest sunny days year-round – 3rd

Lowest average pressure – 3rd

Coolest summer – 3rd

Wettest city (rain and snow) – 5th

Least sunshine year-round – 5th

Most snow days – 6th

Most blowing snow days – 6th

Rainiest city – 8th

Most very wet days (25mm or more) – 9th

Fewest thunderstorm days – 9th

Snowiest city – 9th

Snowiest Spring – 10th

We made the Top 10 in 21 different areas, few of them conducive to good cycling.  Even with my rose coloured glasses on there are only four categories in which we are in the Top 10 that I can see that benefit biking: coolest summer (hey, I said I had my rose coloured glasses on!);  most snow days; snowiest city;  and, snowiest Spring.  The latter three categories, of course, a benefit to those who choose to ride on the snow and clearly a detriment to our brothers and sisters who are dedicated roadies or mountain bikers.  Perhaps now, my faithful readers, you see why I preach the fatbike gospel so often!

7 thoughts on “a bit about our weather

  1. I’m heading to Okanagan Falls, BC in mid-February. I’m not going to miss being top 10 in ANY of those categories!

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