pump house loop

Pump House Loop

If you are looking for a good off-road loop to ride consider this one.  It begins at the pumping station at the junction of Ruby Line and Heavy Tree Road.  There is lots of parking there;  you’ll typically see trucks there as people use this as a place to begin an ATV ride in the summer or a snowmobile ride in the winter.

The loop is 30 km long and parallels the Goulds Bypass Road for about 8 km; a turn to the west then takes you past Bay Bulls Big Pond dam before you head further west into mixed forest and farm land. It takes you past Northern Pond and then Cochran Pond where there is an abandoned building should you need to take shelter.

The loop consists of gravel roads for the most part.  You have to cross a field of grass just before the 15 km mark and please remember to be respectful that these fields are being worked – stay to the perimeter as you make your way around.  After getting off this field the road is rocky for the next 3 km before it turns right back onto gravel road.  There is some change in elevation as you can see from the image below but there are no steep sections.

PHL Elevation

This can be a great loop to ride in the winter as it sees moderate snowmobile use and therefore gets well packed down.

If you would like the .kmz file of this route to open in Google Earth just drop me a line at theslowbiker@gmail.com.



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