it’s the most wonderful ride of the year

Let me begin by saying that coming up on a pair of moose in the middle of the trail sure does get your heart rate up!

I just got back from my first night ride of the winter. God, I love riding in the snow! We’ve had about 15 cm of the white stuff and the temperatures are low and forecasted to get lower for the next few days (down to -14C) – an ideal way to start the winter riding season. I began by putting my fatbike outside for an hour or so before the ride. This allows the bike to come down to the ambient temperature and prevents the snow that might hit a warm frame from melting and then freezing, which can play havoc with shifting, for instance. Once the bike was cooled down and I was dressed I headed out to the top of our street and planned to ride a 6 km loop and then head back. Well, it felt so good I decided to ride a second loop. It was around this time the snow squalls started so I had my head down when suddenly an adult moose and a yearling crashed out of the brush in front of me. Cripes! They quickly darted back into the woods and I had myself a good chuckle.

I’m going to send out an email now to the other fatbikers around here and see if we can all get together for ride after work tomorrow. I’m thinking Pippy Park…


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