report: global fatbike day ride

Our Global Fatbike Day ride was a rip-roaring success!  Participation was up 1000 per cent from last year when one very lonely yet dashingly handsome fatbiker braved the elements at Cape Spear. This year there were ten cyclists at the start of the ride and lots of different fatbikes were represented: Surly, 9:zero:7, Salsa and Norco.

Conditions were damp yet spirits were high as we rode the trails of Shoal Bay Road for some 18 km.



A group picture before we got dirty.



Ross sporting a brand new Mukluk 3.



Tim (L) with his new carbon fiber Beargrease and Chris (R) with a borrowed 9:zero:7.



Catching our breath at the top of the first climb.



Marc (R) with his new Mukluk 2. Bling bling – love the colour!



Dwayne (front) and Loyal (rear) playing in the mud.



Carbon fiber goodness.



This was our group picture submitted for the Global Fatbike Day thread on MTBR.COM.
L-R: Loyal, Ross, Malcolm, Darren, Ray, Marc, Tim, Dave and Chris. Missing from the picture was Dwayne who cut the ride short to go moose hunting.




Break time at the ocean.





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