global fatbike day ride


Saturday, December 7th is Global Fatbike Day.  Come meet and ride with other fatbikers at 10:00 AM at the cul-de-sac on Shoal Bay Road in The Goulds.  The ride will be 16 km long and will incorporate some of the single and double-track that runs between Shoal Bay Road and Pipeline Road.  Who knows, we might even have snow!


This image shows the planned route down to the ocean and is 10 km in length; the ride out is 6 km in length (3 km of it uphill!). Click on image to enlarge.


6 thoughts on “global fatbike day ride

  1. Happy trials my brother ! Nfld Safety council are not buying a Sim from me a bummer !
    im in a 5 k T T tmmrw on the railbed and new paved trail. Did a 3 hr ride Sunday and a Cycerobics ride in front of tv last night
    Forecast is -10 with a westerlwrly Tailwind

    On the Road Again

    Regards ,

    Eric Bolland

    Town of Kentville
    Nova Scotia
    698-3918 Cell /Text
    679-5204 Residence

  2. Was hoping and praying …..but alas , I come to terms that it will have to be next year to celebrate the 4 inc tire. Happy trails to group and I wishing for a beautiful day but I can not wish for the snow just yet. Waiting as been long and don’t need to make it worst by adding the white stuff.

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