I’m heading out on Saturday to ride across Newfoundland on my fatbike.  I’ll be following the old railway line which is now officially called Newfoundland T’Railway Provincial Park.  It is 900 km long and runs from St. John’s in the east to Port-aux-Basques in the west.  I’ll be riding it west to east with the hope that the majority of the wind will be tailwinds, as the prevailing wind here in the summer is out of the southwest.  I’m taking the DRL bus to Port-aux-Basques on Saturday (13 hours – groan!) which is a reasonable $154 total for me and my bike.  The trailhead is just minutes from where the bus lets off (ETA 9 PM) so my plan right now is to ride for an hour or so once I arrive and set up camp where I have a good view of the ocean.

There are many parts of this trip that I am already anticipating.  The section from Port-aux-Basques to Corner Brook will offer great scenery: I’ll ride along the ocean, see mountains, face potentially high winds in The Wreckhouse, cross rivers and follow the shores of ponds.  In Corner Brook I look forward to catching up with Peter O of Cycle Solutions about his mountain bike trail building progress and tipping a few beers with long-time friend Jon P.  In the central part of the province I am very excited about finally seeing the Gaff Topsails and as I get closer to home it will be interesting to ride the isthmus of the Avalon Peninsula. 

I’ll update here if I get a chance and will do a proper write up with pictures when I’m done.


7 thoughts on “trans-newfoundland

  1. This is going to be amazing.
    Still disappointed about me not being able to tag along for a portion of it due to work, BUT I hope the winds kind and the trails are fun. It’s going to be a great trip.

  2. I’m sitting in the in Port aux Basques ferry terminal after having just ridden the T’Railway, by bicycle, from here to Deer Lake. It seems I just missed you. Anyway, I overheard a conversation by two ATV riders about a person out on The Gaff Topsails riding a bicycle with “huge tires” and having visited your blog before, I suspected it may be you. Nice to see the bicycle traffic increasing on this old railway and I cant wait for the writeup and photos.

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