winter overnighter

I finally got out for the first overnighter of the winter and of 2013.  The plan was to leave around noon on Sunday and ride out on a snowmobile trail out toward Witless Bay Line.  There is a spot out there I have been eying the past few winters that was just begging to be camped at: a stand of trees, a couple of ponds and a good view.  The location is marked on the map below.  I have ridden this trail many times and it takes about three hours to get to this spot – I wanted to take pictures and make it a leisurely ride so I thought about 4 hours maximum.


Unfortunately, trail conditions were poor.  Between the high volume of snowmobiles and a blazing sun the trails were soft and squirrelly.  I kept dropping the pressure in my tires but the riding was just plain hard.  I had to push often as well.


Looks can be deceiving. A beautiful day but poor trail conditions.

After three hours of riding, pushing, riding, pushing I was only half way to my destination and I was gassed.  I had no desire to keep riding in these conditions so I made the decision to find a camping spot and call it a day.  I think I did pretty well, considering.


Next chore was supper.


Chowing down.  The temperature was dropping.


Glancing up I saw this.




I retreated to the warmth of my sleeping bag and read for awhile.  This evening’s selection was Ian Hibell’s “Into the Remote Places”; Ian was a British cyclist who toured around the world and had many interesting adventures in his life.  Many thanks goes out to Nicholas of Gypsy by Trade fame who kindly sent me a copy of this book.

It was a chilly night, -12C, and I was glad when the sun rose.


Yes siree, it was a chilly one!



Thankfully, the cold temperature set the trails up nice and firm and I had a lovely ride home; I even took the long way home.

best of trail


One thought on “winter overnighter

  1. Congrats on overnight number one! I have to admit that I’m a wee bit too much of a wuss for winter camping, even here in the temperate Pacific Northwest, where it rarely drops below freezing overnight in the low elevations. (Now, cabin camping, sign me up!) I hope to do some tent camping in March, though.

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