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I have always wanted to bicycle to The Spout in the winter, ever since John F and I first snowshoed there 10 years ago. It was one of those ideas that always came to my mind once the winter riding season started but for all sorts of reasons I never did try. Until recently.

The Spout is a freshwater geyser situated on the coast of Newfoundland halfway between Goulds and Bay Bulls. It is a very popular hiking destination in spring, summer and autumn when you can follow the East Coast Trail to get to it. It has, however, become an increasingly popular destination in the winter via an overland route beginning in Middle Pond for snowshoers, skiers and snowmobilers.

Here is what The Spout looks like in the summer:


A Carroll McC photo.

ECT Oct '09 041

And here is what it looks like in the winter:



A Marc P photo.

Being able to bike the whole way there requires just the right conditions; there needs to be a fair amount of snow and there has to be some snowmobile traffic. As you see in the video I get turned back once I reach the descent to the ocean. The reason? No snowmobile traffic. There hasn’t been much snow this season and no one has ventured down the last 1.5 km on their machines. The conditions up on the barrens, however, was good for riding: a fairly firm crust that wasn’t too icy.

Spout image

Red = uphill
Light blue = woods trails, small open areas
Blue dots= the barrens
Yellow = descent to ocean (snowmobile trail)

I hope you enjoy the video.


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