goulds loop

Here’s a 35 km loop that takes you around The Goulds via snowmobile trails, ponds, fields and just a smidgeon of pavement.

Goulds Loop

Note the letter “P” in the upper left hand corner.  This would be a good place for people to start.  It is where Heavy Tree Road meets Ruby Line; there is a pumping station there with plenty of place to park.  I started from my house and picked up the trail at the top of my street.

Goulds loop 035

Turning off this trail takes you through a field which connects you to Pipeline Road.  This road stretches for 10km from Bat Bulls Big Pond to the pumping station on Ruby Line mentioned above.

Goulds loop 044

Pipeline Road runs parallel to the Goulds Bypass Road.  Looking back from where I came.

Goulds loop 052

This next photo is looking east.  If you start at the pumping station and ride south for a minute or two you will bear left (east) at the first set of power lines you come to.  This will take you toward Kilbride.

Goulds loop 057

You will first cross Back Line Road and then cross the main road right beside the Ruby Church.  Continue straight across the road and follow the pole line you see in the left of the picture.

Goulds loop 060

Here’s a better shot of where you are heading.

Goulds loop 061

Going up!

Goulds loop 067

This is a great climb and when you get to the top there is a great series of dips and climbs.  You also get reward with good views.

Goulds loop 087

I followed a little side trail and found this all black cabin.  All black cabin meets all black bike.

Necromancer bike meets Necromancer cabin.

Necromancer bike meets Necromancer cabin.

I have been very pleased with the performance of my new Husker Du tires.  The traction is great on snow, they are supple, and the rolling resistance is low. Also note my rims which I recently drilled which shaves a half pound off each wheel.

Goulds loop 088

This trail meets Old Petty Harbour Road – turn right (south).  There are also options to turn left and head into Kilbride.

Goulds loop 094

Up here is is ponds, streams, hills and eventually a view of the ocean.

Goulds loop 095

Goulds loop 098

Goulds loop 110

Goulds loop 115

Petty Harbour.

Goulds loop 123

The only pavement you’ll have to ride in good conditions is from Petty Harbour up to First Pond.  Sadly both First Pond and Second Pond were looking a little sketchy so I stayed on solid ground and eventually rode to the end of Donovan’s Lane.

The sketchy ice of First Pond.

The sketchy ice of First Pond.

From the end of Donovan’s Lane you will ride a trail that takes you to Third Pond.  If the conditions are safe you can cross here and pick up a trail that takes you to Shoal Bay Road.  I took a left when I hit Shoal Bay Road and then my first right which put me on a trail that carried me to where Main Road meets Goulds Bypass Road.  I crossed over and road some ponds to Big Pond Dam where I picked up the trail that leads to the top of my street.

Almost home

Almost home

The whole loop took me about 4.5 hours.  There is the opportunity to pick up food and drink in Petty Harbour at the convenience store.  They also have a Liquor Express if you feel like celebrating a great ride!


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