republic of newfoundland seat bag

I have a new seat bag for my fat bike. I got it so I could set myself up better for bikepacking.  I had been using my Surly Nice Rack on the rear with a drybag lashed to it but the rack alone weighs 2 lbs and I wanted to lose some weight.  My bike is the Surly Necromancer and the colour scheme is black – black frame, black rims, black spokes – heck, even the spoke nipples are black!  To add to that I have a Surly/Revelate frame bag that is also black – I decided I needed some colour!

The idea came to me to have the seat bag represent where I am from (Newfoundland & Labrador) and to use the colours from the Republic of Newfoundland flag – the (in)famous “Pink, White and Green”.  I thought this would brighten up all the black and I had a vision of “flying” the colours like a flag off the back of my bike.

The flag has its origins in the 1800’s but had a resurgence in popularity in the past number of years and is often associated with independence. Premier Danny Williams even floated the idea of making it the provincial flag in 2005.  The colours would be easily identified by any Newfoundlander as representing this province and thus would help identify me as a local as I make my way around the province and as a fellow Newfoundlander whenever I am away from home.

Newfoundland flag

The Republic of Newfoundland flag

I had seen the work of Scott Felter at Porcelain Rocket and decided he was the guy to go to to get this project done.  I was thrilled when he responded quickly to my email and that he was excited by the idea and wrote: “I can see it now, and I know exactly how I’ll lay it out.”  That is all I needed to hear.  A deposit was sent and within two months the bag was at my door.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out:


Photo by Scott Felter


Rear view

Green side Pink side