this is what is up with fat bikes

Watch and be enlightened.


7 thoughts on “this is what is up with fat bikes

  1. Here is what I think: riding on snow without a helmet is safer than riding on dirt without a helmet, but I always wear my helmet on the snow. That said, you don’t see cross-country skiers wearing helmets.

    • If Jimi B is there, I’m there!

      I have been kicking around the idea of heading over your way with the fatbike. Maybe early March or so. I’d love to ride all the snowmobile trails.

    • Hi Paul. I haven’t put an update on the blog for awhile but it is on the “to do” list. WRT fatbiking in particular conditions are just starting to get good here for winter biking. We have had some cold temps since xmas so the ground started to firm up again and we have also had some small amounts of snow. We haven’t had enough snow for the snowmobiles to come out and play yet. I did ride for 4 hours last Saturday on all the roads and trails between Goulds and Cochrane Pond and saw bird hunters, rabbit hunters, people on ATV’s, hikers and two groups on horseback. A large storm is forecast to hit here on Thursday with predictions of 30+ cm of snow.
      As for the bike itself it is working just great. Stay tuned to the blog for a post on my wickedly cool new seat bag from Porcelain Rocket.

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