hawk hills

The forecast was looking good for the weekend so I took Friday afternoon off work so I could go explore in the Hawk Hills which are just west of St. John’s. This is looking back on Goulds from where I live and started.

I wanted to ride as much as I could off-road. Sometimes you have to go through some water…

…and sometimes you have to go over a lot of rock.

I spent my first night at Butterpot Park and went to bed with the moon…

…and woke up with Venus.

Heading out as the sun rises.

When I got into the Hawk Hills the fog had rolled in so I waited an hour…

There! That’s better!

Looking south as the last of the fog burns off.

This is near Inside Hawk Hill. From here I needed to pick a route heading east to Mobile Big Pond.

That is Big Island Pond in the foreground; Mobile Big Pond is the one waaaaay back there. You can see it better in the next picture. From this point there was a lot of pushing, not peddling, the bike.

Mobile Big Pond getting close. That point of land with the island just offshore is where I camped.


Sunrise with Venus.

Riding the south shore of Mobile Big Pond.

I’m now at the end of the pond looking back to where I started, just beneath that high point of land. From here I rode out on a dirt road and then picked my way home on various trails.


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