trail day

Courtesy Mark R

(map courtesy of mark r)

In September Newfoundland got hit by Hurricane Leslie.  In the St. John’s area there wasn’t a lot of rain but the winds were destructive.  Many of our mountain bike trails were littered with blow downs and the damage didn’t end there – many of the blow downs also brought up the root systems that devastated the trail bed.  It was just two years ago that we were hit by Hurricane Igor and it seems like we only just got finished cleaning up that mess when Leslie hit.  Leslie clearly did more damage than Igor.

Mark R did a walk through of the area we call Richmond Hill and did a count – 116 trees down across the main trail route used. OUCH!  That’s a lot of trees.

So we had a trail day on Sunday.  Dave Mac and Leslie (not the hurricane) couldn’t show up on Sunday and were generous enough to go up the day before and do some work – many thanks.  I’m happy to say that all the blow downs are cleared from Escape Hatch (# 2 on the map), Ridgeline (#7), Slingshot (#11) and the unnamed run (#12).  There is still a lot of tread repair that has to be done and HydroTower will be the focus of our next chainsaw trail day.


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