riding with a mainlander and thoughts on using a fat bike as a trail bike

I rode Torbay-Flatrock today with a fellow from Toronto named John who was here on business with my buddy Marc. He wanted to see what mountain biking was like here and this is a great trail to introduce people from away to how spectacular this place can be.  John rode my full suspension bike and I rode the fat bike as I wanted to see how it performed on the trail especially when riding with others.

The trail begins at the wharf.


You have to hike-a-bike a little bit up those stairs you see but soon you are riding along just fine.


Marc was lagging behind right from the start and he got a lot of razzing from me.  I had to take it all back as we discovered after 3/4 of the ride was completed that his rear brake was dragging!  Bummer.


A look back at the coast we just rode.



Here’s a good one of John bombing along near the finish.


I was really pleased with the way the fat bike rode on the trail.  I didn’t have any problem keeping up with the others and it gave me great traction on the gravelly uphills that characterize this trail.  The only downside to riding a fat bike as a trail bike comes a few hours later – man, do my forearms ever ache this evening!  My shoulders are tired, too.  The lack of suspension really gives your upper body a workout.


4 thoughts on “riding with a mainlander and thoughts on using a fat bike as a trail bike

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I ikjust bought a fat bike too picking it up this week. I can’t wait to to head out bikepaking. I got a salsa beargrease. Will you be using your fat bike year round on your bikepaking outings? It’s my first fatbike I’m green but eager to learn and bought it strictly to bikepack.


    • Marc – thanks for the kind comments about the blog.

      Yep – I use the fatty for all my bikepacking and I love it and you will too. The big tires roll smoothly over obstacles on the trail (and off). And if you have to ride any pavement (say to connect to other trails) just pump up the tires and they roll well on pavement.

      The Beargrease is a great bike and I look forward to hearing about your experiences with it.


  2. Wow…some great adventures you’re having there & a well written blog that really inspires me to start bike packing. Have had a standard Pugsley for a couple of weeks and am kitting it out for some over night trips at the moment – can’t rival you over here in the UK for scenary but hopefully will have good adventures.

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