this is where it all begins

Though I’ve been kicking the idea of a blog around for a little while I’ve got Chris Jerret of  to thank (or curse) for pushing me to do this.  I’ve been living in Newfoundland since 1983 and I’ve been involved with cycling in its many forms: as a roadie, a triathlete, a mountain biker, a commuter, touring and now fat biking.  I want to show people what can be done here on a bicycle, despite the often crappy weather, and the wonderful places you can go.

I hope you’ll follow along.


3 thoughts on “this is where it all begins

  1. Very impressed Mal, your blog looks quite professional. But how do you get so many great pics of yourself if you are biking alone? Do you set up a tripod and self-timer? Just curious!

  2. Great blog I hope you keep it going. I would be very interested the gear you select for the awesome weather you experience Newfoundland.
    I bike year round in Colorado however I don’t have a fat bike I just make do with what bikes I own.

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